Friday, November 12, 2010

Upcoming Weeks

Monday will be my last day at the temp job, then it looks like I'll be home again. I haven't been able to watch many movies, there is no time. Of course, I would rather have a job. I've gone on interviews but nothing yet, I don't know what they're looking for. I'm keeping the faith, it is coming on a wonderful time of year and I refuse to be depressed. My son will be home in 11 days for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Gifts might suffer this year. I've purchased my daughter one, I promised her 2 but we will have to see. My son gets money, so he's easy. Anyway the season is about Jesus and families, and I have both.

I am recording a lot of Christmas Movies to my DVR, and I actually found a Thanksgiving one. I'll have to review it once it is watched.

One of the Christmas reading challenges starts Monday, November 15th and I have 2 books just waiting. The True Book addicts starts on the 26th, I'll probably have 2 new ones to read by then. AND I'm going to see the Rocketts on the 27th so I have some stuff to look foward to.

And then I can always roam around town taking pictures.

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