Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Movies

Last year I did a post about Thanksgiving Movies. There are a few out there, but the pickings are slim. I thought I could see if I could find any more. It is even slimmer this year.

Waltons: Thanksgiving Story (1972) and
The Waltons Movie Collection (A Wedding on Walton's Mountain / Mother's Day / A Day for Thanks / A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion / Wedding / Easter)

No synopsis but do we really need one.
Waltons: Thanksgiving Story can be found on DVD in Season 2 (Disc 4). The Movie Collection should be available in several places including Amazon.

Real Heroes: Inspirational Stories of Giving (2007)

This engaging program re-creates the first Thanksgiving, explores the history of the holiday and shares poignant true tales of contemporary American heroes who embody the spirit of giving. Soldiers stationed overseas discuss what Thanksgiving means to them, Hurricane Katrina victims celebrate their blessings despite their hardships, a former gang member turns his life around and helps others in need, and more.

To be fair, I've not seen this, and it got dismal ratings. I suspect it has to do with an over religious content. But I want to put it out there for those who just migiht be interested. If I can find it in my library, I will check it out.

Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of the Mayflower (2006)

Drawing scenes and dialogue from the records of participants and eyewitnesses, this first-rate documentary meticulously re-creates the saga of the Pilgrims, from their extraordinary Mayflower crossing to their encounters with Native Americans. Featuring a cast of actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company, the program was filmed at Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts and locations in England, Belgium, Maryland and Virginia.

I did say the pickings were slim. Here is a docu-drama about he Mayflower. But it actually got pretty good reviews. Might be worth a watch if you like that sort of thing.

Plymouth Adventure (1952)

Spencer Tracy and Gene Tierney star in this Hollywood realization of life aboard the Mayflower on her most historic journey. Tracy is at his gruffest and bitterest as the disagreeable, tempestuous Captain Jones, master of the famous vessel that carried the Pilgrims to the New World. Tierney is as beautiful as ever, despite being cast as a somber Pilgrim.

Another one that isn't on DVD yet, but it seems like it is in the works, so maybe by next Thanksgiving I'll get to see it, or maybe my library has this one.

Holiday Treasure (1973)

Introduce this compelling classic to your loved ones this Thanksgiving and they'll never forget it. Broadway veteran Barnard Hughes adds another dimension to the already great ensemble of Jason Robards, Mildred Natwick, and Lisa Lucas. Hughes, only in his fifties at the time, made a specialty of playing "old codgers" with delightful results!
Thanks Classic Gent of Amazon

I love the Jason Robards and Lisa Lucas films. My favorite is The House Without a Christmas Tree. I didn't watch these growing up, I discovered them a few years ago. I introduced them to my daughter and she loves them too. There is one for Easter as well. Sadly, this one I have not seen and will probably be a few years before I do. It is only on VHS. I am hoping my library carries this.

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itsJUSTme said...

Oh I love the Waltons!!! I keep telling my daughter (who has never seen them) that I would love to get the DVDs and watch them all. Maybe the library has them.