Sunday, June 29, 2014


I am currently in the middle of my summer session.  I'm on the last James Joyce book Ulysses. I was told it was difficult, but it is very difficult, and I'm not enjoying it. There is supposed to be a story there, but I cannot follow the thread.  However, this hasn't stopped my reading of other books.

I just finished Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King.  Not at the top of the list of favorites.  The story seemed to drag until the end.  Not sure this type of thriller/suspense is his thing.  I understand this is the first part of a trilogy.  Not sure where this would go from here.  But the prolific Mr. King will keep writing stories for us to enjoy or not.  All we need to do is sit back and wait.

I am currently reading  Everything I Never Told You
by Celeste Ng. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

I didn't cry. I cry at everything, but this book didn't make me cry. Perhaps because it was predictable and I knew the twist was coming. Nevertheless, this was an entertaining, well written, quick read. Is it simplistic? Yes. It is a YA novel. Is it cheesy? At times. I still enjoyed it. I read a wide range of books, but I’m not a book snob. If I like a book, I will admit to it.

The movie has not debuted yet, and I’m not sure how much of this book will make it in to the film, but I think it is a good idea to read the book first if you can, or afterwards. 

I enjoyed the character of Augustus Waters. I felt he was a kid who lived on his own terms and had a unique way of thinking. Hazel was your typical “teenager” young lady who was not overly annoying.
Overall, an enjoyable read.