Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Book #8 / 25 Days of Christmas #16 and #17

Christmas Book #8
Here is the very long synopsis
The Ghost of Christmas Present

After reading a lot of Christmas books back to back, I feel that some of them are just bad, and I wonder if people write Christmas book just to say they've written one.

This was an unbelievable story of a man who is being threatened with the removal of his son from his custody.  The son has a genetic heart condition.  Patrick (the MC) has to find a way to make some money, so he takes to the street and panhandles as The Ghost of Christmas Present.

The idea was not a bad one, I don't think it was carried out well.
I give it 2.5 / Stars out of 5.

25 Days of Christmas

Pine Cones & Holly
16 /25

Christmas in New York
17 / 25

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Book #7 & #8, 25 Days of Christmas #15

Christmas Book #7
Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances - John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle.  This book is a compilation novel comprising three separate stories that intertwine with one another. The stories are The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson,A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green, and The Patron Saint of Pigs by Lauren Myracle. The book follows three different teenagers as they experience a huge snow storm in the town of Gracetown during the Christmas season. (Wikepedia)

Though these stories intertwine, the story I enjoyed the most was Maureen Johnson's The Jubilee Express.  Like many people, I wanted to read this book because of John Green the author of The Fault in Our Stars.  But I felt his story was mediocre, as was Lauren Myracle's.  I am not sure if it was because Johnson's story is the lead story and she set the tone.  The other stories are not bad, I just personally didn't enjoy them as much.  3/5 stars.

Christmas Book #8
The Mistletoe Promise by Richard Paul Evans -
Elise Dutton does not like the Christmas season, she has been divorced for three years and it has left her broken.  A stranger comes along and asks her to be his “girlfriend” for the Christmas season.  She agrees and a contract is drawn up.  What will happen?

I discovered RPE through his Christmas books, and I’ve usually adored them.  Although this book was pretty good, I felt it lacked that special something his books usually have.  I think it was because I was not choked up or blurry eyed when reading this.  By the end of this book, I was saying to myself, “Oh isn’t that….” But it was not as satisfying as usual.  However, it is a good, solid story. 3 out of 5 stars.

25 Days of Christmas

Holly Planter in Bryant Park, New York City

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Movie #12 / 25 Days of Christmas #14

One Magic Christmas (1985) A young mother disillusioned with Christmas finds her holiday spirit rekindled through a miraculous yuletide experience.      
It didn't dawn on me until almost the end of this film, that I've seen it before; however, I didn't remember most of it, so I am glad I watched it again. Very sweet story.  A good Christmas staple.  4/5 stars.

25 Days of Christmas
Officer, do you have directions to the North Pole?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Movie #11 / 25 Days of Christmas #13

Christmas Movie #11

Max Lucado's: Christmas Child (2003)- Nine months after the death of his adoptive father, Jack Davenport, a Chicago journalist, obtains some of his possessions which lead Jack to discover his past. Jack receives an assignment to do a story in Dallas, Texas. Jack leaves days before Christmas Eve and decides to stay in Clearwater, Texas, his birthplace. One of the possessions left by his adoptive father was a mysterious photograph of Clearwater's oldest churches, taken in 1963.    My Thoughts:  Pretty good Christmas film, typical acting, but nice story.  Max Lucado is a Christian, but this movie isn't an overly knock you on the head Christian film.  Sort of an interesting mystery aspect as well.  3.5 / 5 stars.

25 Days of Christmas

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Book #6 / 25 Days of Christmas #11, #12

 Christmas Book # 6
'Tis the Season (Main Street #3) - Christmas is coming to Camden Falls, and Flora and Ruby don't know how to feel about it; it's their first Christmas without their parents, and the memories are both happy and sad. Luckily, Flora and Ruby are surrounded by people who care about them -- from their grandmother Min to their friends Olivia and Nikki, who are dealing with challenges of their own. There's also an unexpected visitor: Flora and Ruby's aunt, whose presence promises to shake things up. It's going to be a Christmas that nobody ever forgets....                                                      I tend to read a lot of Children's Books at Christmas time, I think they are cute.  I have never read another book from this series, but I thought this one was pretty nice.  Not a tear jerker, which I like because I often cry reading Christmas books.   3 / 5 Stars.

Brooks Bears (In the widow of Brooks Brothers)

One Tin Soldier

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Book #5 / 25 Days of Christmas #9, #10

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris:  I listened to the audio version of this and I am glad I did. I think it translate much funnier in spoken form. This book is hilarious. I understand Sedaris has a different type of humor, sometimes it leans toward the macabre, but oh my, what a fun read/listen. 

I'm used to Christmas stories having a formula, but there is none here. It is just filled with reality checks and some things that make you go ooooh and ewwww.

I don't know if it is in the print version, but the audio version has a section where he does a little stand up. I thought that was the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. That story (section) is entitled 6 to 8 Black Men. 

I don't usually laugh at outright disregard for political correctness, but my goodness, this man is too funny.  4/5 Stars

The weather here has been pretty bad. We had a Noreaster, so I haven't been able to take any outdoor pictures.  So for the last 2 days, my pictures have been indoors.  

25 Days of Christmas

Day 9
Holiday Greetings

 Day 10

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Book #4 / 25 Days of Christmas 8

In How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas, Jeff Guinn combines solid historical fact with glorious legend to deliver another heartwarming holiday book for the whole family.

It's 1620 and Mrs. Claus's dear husband is off in the New World planting the seeds of what will become a glorious Christmas tradition. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus has chosen to stay in England, where the first signs of a dangerous threat to Yuletide cheer are in evidence. The Puritans have gained control of Parliament and appear determined to take all the fun out of Christmas. But Mrs. Claus knows that it's time for serious action when, in 1647, a law is passed by Parliament that actually punishes anyone who celebrates Christmas. Using as its springboard the actual events of a day in 1647 when ten thousand peasants marched through the streets of Canterbury demanding their right to celebrate a beloved holiday, How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas is rich in historical detail, adventure, and plain ol' Christmas fun. (from Goodreads)

My Review:  I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book in the series The Autobiography of Santa Claus.  I felt the first few chapters of this book were a recap and since I just read it, I felt it was unnecessary.  It did pick up when the story actually turned to how she saved Christmas.  I found that history fascinating.  I gave this book 3/5 stars.  I will read more books by Guinn, although no more Christmas ones for now.

Day 8
The New York Public Library Lion at Christmas
Deck the Halls!