Saturday, February 20, 2010

Karen Rita Rautenberg

51/365 - Karen Rita Rautenberg
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Today at Barnes & Noble, Clarissa met an author, her name is Karen Rita Rautenberg and she has written her sophmore book entitled: Ballerina Detective. Clarissa spoke with the author and got her to sign her book.

She is a mature woman, so she gives me hope that it isn't too late for me to get my novel written.

Clarissa really liked her and they talked for a long time. They talked about what kind of books Clarissa like to read and how Clarissa also wants to be a writer. It was mostly a one on one discussion as she wrapped up by the time we got there, and the other kids there didn't seem to be interested.

I suppose Clarissa was trying to get some inspiration to rub off on her.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Movie Challenge / January Movies

Movie Challenges

I watch a lot of movies, the problem is, I don't watch a lot of different genres. I've seen Musicals and Bio Pics, but I've decided, in order to really learn to appreicate different genres, I need to immerse myself for one month in a genre. This doesn't mean that I only watch that genre for the month. However, I have given my self the goal of one movie per week(end). February has 4 weekends, so I should be able to watch at least 4 Classics.

January had 5 weekends, but I managed to exceed my goal.

January was Foreign movie month. I managed to watch six foreign movies that month. Last year in January, I watched 0.

February is Classics month. I do watch a lot of classics throughout the year. I think maybe for this one, I'll concentrate on a decade. Looking through one of my many spreadsheets, I see that the 40's lead the pack with approx 103 movies (lifetime). Followed by the 50s with about 93 movies and then the 30s with 90 movies. The next is the 60s with a measly 62 movies, and at the back of the pack is from the advent of film to 1929, which only has 10 movies. I only like certain silent films.

For February I will work on watching more Classic films from the 1960s.

Genre: Foreign
Watched: 6

Genre: Classics
Era: 1960s

Genre: Religious
For Easter

Genre: Period Pieces

Genre: Musical

Genre: Bio Pics

Genre: Classics
Era: TBA

Genre: Doumentary

Genre: Foreign

For Halloween
Genre: Horror

For Thanksgiving/Christmas
Genre: Holiday

For Christmas
Genre: Holiday

* * *

January Movies = 35

Ratings out of 5 stars

Sherlock Holmes ****
Food Matters ***
Unconquered ***
La Strada (Italian) ****
Night at the Museum 2 ***
Black Girl (French) ****
42nd Street ***
Poirot: Cards on the Table ****
District 9 ***
Fear and Trembling (French/Japanese) ****
From the Terrace ***
The Final Destination ***
Confessions of a Shopaholic ***
The International ***
The Chorus (French) ****
The Book of Eli ****
Catch 22 ***
The Lovely Bones ***
Juliet of the Spirits (Italian) ***
Angels & Demons ***
I Can Do Bad All By Myself ***
The Backwoods ***
Sweet Misery ***
Feast of All Saints ****
Legion ****
Fame (2009) ***
Return to Cranford ****
Vatel ***
Surrogates ***
The Spy Next Door ***
The Bad Sleep Well (Japanese) ***
The Europeans ***
The Magic of Ordinary Days ****
Saw VI ***
Julie & Julia ***