Friday, January 8, 2010

Foreign Movie Review

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Don't bother with the photo, it has nothing to do with the post. But as I can only post from flicker, I needed to find a picture, and one that at least will have something to do with what I'm talking about. LOL!

Actually I was going to talk about Foreign films. I mentioned in an earlier post that I would like to watch more this year. In 2009, I only watched 3, that is pathetic, I usually watch more, in 2008 I watched 14 and in 2007 I watched 21.

This will be the year of the foreign film, at least until I need a break. I will make an effort to watch at least 1 a month, that would give me 12 by the end of the year. This year so far I've watched 2, and 2 very good ones.

La Strada (1954)

This is a Federico Fellini film starring his wife Giulietta Masina. I've seen other Fellini films that didn't have Masina in it, and I didn't like them. This film also stars Anthony Quinn.

The story follows the plight of gentle Gelsomina, who's sold by her mother to a bullying circus performer, only to have a clown win her heart and ignite a doomed love triangle.

The synopsis sounds pretty plain, but the movie is so cerebrial. And Masina was just such a great actress. Another movie I would recommend by her and directed by Fellini is "Nights of Cabiria" (1957) "Le notti di Cabiria" in Italian. That is another gem.

Another movie I saw was entitled "Black Girl" (1966) "La Noire De..."(French).

This is a short film, lasting less than an hour, but the story it tells in that time will leave an impression.

Working as a governess for a wealthy French family, a young Senegalese woman accompanies her charges on a vacation to the French Riviera, where her white mistress suddenly expects her to do the work of a common maid.

The maid never talks to her employer during this movie. Her point of view is strictly voice over. We can hear her inner thoughts, and they aren't nice. This movie is tragic and haunting.

I hope to watch at least 2 more this weekend, I want to have 10 under my belt by the end of January.

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itsJUSTme-wendy said...

The picture comment was funny.
I happen to love Gone with the Wind.
I have never seen a foreign film!