Monday, January 11, 2010

Stats & another foreign movie

Got this idea from ItsjustmeWendy

79 Books read in 2009

44 books were fiction
11 were auto/biography or memoir
23 were non fiction
1 book was a play
I read 20 female authors (with a couple of books by the same author)
13 of these books were about religion or had heavy religious overtones
14 were Classics
5 related to health
11 were audiobooks
11 were on my Kindle
37 were library borrows (hard copies not audio)
16 were owned by me
16 were New releases
2 were over 500 pages
8 were historical fiction
5 Books about Christmas

Fear and Trembling (2003)
Stupeur et Tremblements
107 minutes

In search of a new beginning, Amélie moves from Belgium back to her early-childhood home of Japan, where she starts working full time for a large corporation. But life as a foreigner proves difficult to navigate -- and Eastern office etiquette is nothing like what she's used to. French director helms this Tokyo-based dramedy adapted from the autobiographical novel by Amélie Nothomb.

Amélie gets a job where she does nothing, the Japanese don't trust a westerner. When she is given a task she is not equiped to do, all hell breaks loose. Her immediate supevisor, a beautiful Japanese woman, turns into a major bitch, and her not so immediate supervisors are no bowl of cherries either. How she deals with it, is spot on.

Even if you don't like foreign movies, you can't help but to like this one.

4/5 stars.


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Wow, only 20 female authors? I read mainly female authors. I like the way you broke it all down. Where you surprised by any of the info you found out?

busy91 said...

I was most surprised by the amount of historical fiction I read. I didn't think I read so many, I plan to top that this year.

I generally don't read many female authors, I don't know why, just the way it is.