Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone. I trust everyone partied hard and rested!!??
I just rested, I was asleep when the ball dropped, but the people in the streets near me were screaming "Happy New Year" and blowing their horns. It wasn't long lasting, so I went right back to sleep.

I just read through my below posts, I posted those months ago to post on New Years Eve. Looking at them now, it is rather sad. I know I left out some recent losses such as Brittnay Murphy and Jennifer Jones (who was one of my daughter's favorite actresses), I wish I had thought to include them.

Hopefully this year will be filled with lots of reading and watching. Sometimes with the movies I do theme months. January is Foreign Movie Month. I will watch more Foreign flicks this month, but it won't totally be foreign. I realized I only watched 3 foreign films last year, which is a drop from previous years. tsk tsk.

Last night, my daughter (10) and I watched "Paranormal Activity".


I was geared up to be scared. We turned off the lights, and put the surround sound on. Not only was most of the film boring, the scary parts were not scary. My mother saw it and she said it wasn't scary, a friend at work said it was really scary, but then again he's 23.

I don't recommend it.

Today I plan to go see Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr....mmmmmm).

I am also going to attempt, once again, to do PROJECT 365 on Flickr. Twice I attempted and twice I faded. It is tough taking a picture a day for a year. But I'm sure I'll finish.

Everyone enjoy the New Year!


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh No! You fell asleep? My hubby fell asleep too, I woke him up at 11:59.

Ha, thats funny that you watched a horror movie, I watched Amittyville horror!

Bluestocking said...

Yes! Sherlock Holmes! I'm going today!!! I've post my 2009 Summation if you'd like to take a look.