Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Movie Challenge, Happy Thanksgiving

My Christmas Movie Challenge is going very well. Since November 15th, I have watched 5 out of 10 Christmas movies that I've never seen before. These are movies that have to do more with Christmas than not. I've watched others like "Boys Town" and "Room for One More", that has a Christmas scene or two, and I've not seen those before either, but these listed are very Christmasy. I have posted some reviews of these movies in earlier posts and some will be in later.

A Christmas Without Snow
Home for Christmas
The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue
The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas
Santa Jr.

5 more to go.

Tuesday was our Thanksgiving Mass, it was nice as usual. We are having our holiday's this year in the lower church as they are renovating the main church. We sang our little hearts out.

My son will be home today,, and will leave on Sunday, but will be back at Christmas time for one month.

My mom will be coming over tomorrow afternoon, and spend the night so she will cook some food and I will cook some food on Thursday. It will be nice to be under one roof for dinner, this has not happened since last Christmas.


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