Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Movies - Recently Watched

The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas

In the film, Santa’s chief elf accidently unleashes Christmas a day early, causing his sleigh to crash and land on Angela Fox’s family rooftop. Santa suffers from amnesia and needs the help from the Foxes. While the Foxes help Santa, they help themselves too as they rediscover the meaning of Christmas and the importance of family.

This was a cute movie. It was released this year so it isn't dated. It is still coming on the Hallmark Channel this season. I recommend!!

The Angel of Pennyslvania Avenue

When an unemployed Detroit man is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, his three children is determined to get him out of jail in time for Christmas and they decide to enlist the help of "the most powerful man in the world" - President Hoover. En route to the White House, they meet an array of colorful characters.

Well all I can say is that sometimes acting is really really really bad. But it can be overlooked in a Christmas movie. This story is based on facts. Apparently there was a little girl who went to the White House to see President Hoover in hopes that he would help get her father released from jail. It was dramatization of the a touching story.

A Christmas Without Snow

A divorced woman moves to San Francisco from Omaha after her divorce. Leaving her young son with his grandmother while trying to build her life again, she joins the choir of a local church. A tough, curmudgeonly, perfectionist choirmaster, is hired and attempts to whip the choir into shape for a Christmas concert. The choir group overcomes issues including ageism, racism, teen angst, small group divas, middle-aged relationships, single parenthood, the plight of struggling low income churches, and replacing the old with the new. Slow-paced, but with issues that still ring true today. A must view for any adult choir group.

I may have mentioned this movie last year, but I only got to watch it. I didn't realize this revolved around an adult choir, this was a treat for me since I am part of an adult choir, and trust me, it is pretty on point. A dated movie (1980), faded color, not very good acting, but what the heck, it is Christmas, we can live with a few bad movies. This movie falls under Faith and Spirituality, although I don't understand why. Because it takes place in a church? Whatever, I enjoyed it, but I'm sure this movie isn't for everyone.

Home For Christmas

The movie centers around a wealthy young girl who takes in a homeless man (Mickey Rooney) during the Christmas Holidays. A bond of friendship and trust grows between them that results in both of their lives being dramatically changed. However, when a secret from the man's past surfaces, he returns to the streets without any goodbye or explanation to the young girl or her family. Will an unexpected Christmas miracle heal all troubles?
*Thanks Straight Arrow from Amazon for the synopsis*

This was a sweet movie. Although dated (it was from 1990 and it shows), you can look past that and enjoy a story of forgivness.

The Good Witch’s Gift

Catherine Bell returns as Cassie Nightingale, the witch who runs a gift shop and bed-and-breakfast. She and her fiancé, Jake Russell, the chief of police there in Middleton, have been engaged for months, but have been unable to set a date, both being too busy. He wants to get Cassie the perfect Christmas gift, and decides he’ll get her the one thing she always wanted, a family. He wants to get married on Christmas Eve.

It’s far from smoothing sailing before the special day. Jake catches sight of a familiar-looking man walking around town, and his fears are realized. It’s Leon Deeks, who has just gotten out of prison, having served ten of a fifteen-year sentence for a robbery there in Middleton. Since Jakes was the guy who was behind putting him away, he isn’t sure what type of business Leon has being back in town.

I got to see this one, it was really sweet. It is a nice love story for the holiday. This is part of a trilogy, but I've not seen the other two movies. This one is family friendly too.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Awwww I love the good witch movies!!!! Have you seen the other ones? They are all good! and kid friendly.

busy91 said...

nope, I haven't but I want to.

Wall-to-wall books said...

I will have to remember to send you a little message the next time one is one.