Saturday, November 27, 2010

Radio City Rocketts


No Flash Photography, No Audio or Video equipment, No SLR camera's with Zoom Lenses Digital or otherwise....yeah right. I was descrete, I was in the 2nd Mezz, and had my 18-200mm zoom lens. No flash needed since I set the ISO to 1600. I got some pretty good shots for trying to hide the camera. I love this particular shot because it has movement and pattern.

I have never been to see the Rocketts before. I lived in New York all of my life, and for the past few years I have wanted to go, but it was too expensive. Oddly enough, the year I don't have a job is the year I can go. Me and my daughter went, although my son is home for the Thanksgiving holiday, he had no interest, and mom didn't want to go. We had a good time, this was a great treat for us.

We went to TGIFs for lunch, did some looking around at the St. Bart's Holiday shops.

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