Friday, November 5, 2010

Upcoming Christmas Movies

Michelle has really got me into the spirit of Christmas.
As you know, I suggest Christmas movies every year, this year I will too, however, I like to know what is coming on TV. So I have decided to list some of the stuff that will be on this year. I do this for myself and for you guys as well. This is not a complete list, as I can't know everything that is coming on. And most of these are Classics. But those are my favorite movies anyway. So here is a list of the movies I have found dates and times for. Enjoy.

Turner Classic Movie Channel
Heidi (1937) 7:15am (also 12/24 @ 2:15am)

Room For One More 8:00pm (also 12/12 @ 2:00pm

Boys Town 10:15pm (also 12/23 @ 12:00am)

Little Women (1933) 3:45 am (also 12/25 @ 6:00am)

Beyond Tomorrow 1:45pm (also 12/24 @ 6:00am)

Susan Slept Here 12:00am (also 12/25 @ 10:00am)
Fitzwilly 8:00pm
It Happened on 5th Avenue 10:00pm (also 12/19 @ 10:00am and 12/24 @ 12:00am)

All Mine To Give 8:30am
Holiday Affair (1949)12:30pm (also 12/17 @ 8:00pm and 12/24 @ 10:30am)

A Christmas Carol (1938) 8:00pm (also 12/10 @ 8:00pm and 12/25 @ 11:45am)
Scrooge (Musical) (1970) 9:30pm (also 12/29 @ 12:00pm and 12/24 @ 6:00pm)
The Man Who Came to Dinner 11:30am (also 12/24 @ 2:00am)
Santa Claus 3:30am
Visit to Santa (short) 5:15am (also 12/17 @ 5:15am)

Meet Me in St. Louis 8:00pm (also 12/24 @ 2:00am)

Shop Around the Corner 10:15 am (also 12/20 @ 10:00pm and 12/25 at 8:00am)
The Bishops Wife 12:00pm (also 12/24 @ 8:00pm)

In the Good Old Summertime 9:30pm (also 12/24 @ 4:00pm)
Little Women (1949) 11:30pm
Black Christmas 2:00am
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 3:45am

The King of Kings (silent) (1927) 12:15am

Bundle of Joy 7:15am
Tenth Avenue Angel 9:15am
Remember the Night 12:00am

King of Kings (1961) 5:00pm
Little Women (1933) 6:00am
Little Women (1933) 6:00am
The Lion in Winter (1968) 8:00pm

FOX Movie Channel (This channel repeats often, I will only list the first date)

A Christmas Carol (1984) 8:00pm

American Movie Classics (AMC)11/29
Scrooged 8:00pm and 10:15pm

HBO (This channel often repeats)

Home Alone 1:30pm

Jingle All the Way 12:00pm

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