Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Eve (Movies)

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve (2004)

Calvin has an accident and wakes up to find that he's essentially dead...He's meets Nurse Angie who is his guardian Angel and he is told, ala Scrooge that he has 12 days to set things right with the rest of his family and his life...or else. Shannon provides most of the laughs in her own usual manic way, basically hammering Calvin over the head on what he has to do. And of course in the end we have Calvin discovering the true meaning of Christmas and he sets things right with his family. The performances were very good it's just too bad there wasn't more of an original story for them to work with.
*Thank You Tim Janson from Amazon for the synopsis*

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve

Trans Siberian Orchestra - THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS EVE - now available for the first time on VHS and DVD - is a unique fantasy trip through the magic of Christmas. Narrated by award-winning actor Ossie Davis, the production takes us on a journey of a runaway little girl's decision to return to her family after she enters a rundown theater for shelter and encounters an old caretaker who guides her on her journey. This magical story - which features appearances from Atlantic recording artists Jewel and Michael Crawford - was filmed entirely on location at the newly refurbished and historic Loews Jersey Theatre in Jersey City, New Jersey, and includes performances of such tracks as "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Good King Joy," "Christmas Canon," "Music Box Blues," "Promises To Keep," and "This Christmas Day,".

Eve's Christmas (2004)
On Christmas Eve, a high-powered exec's guardian angel offers her a chance to live her life again with a different spin.

Christmas Eve (1986)

Story of a well-to-do elderly woman, who befriends the homeless and volunteers her time with children, who learns she has an incurable illness and wants desperately to reunite her three grown grand children (who are scattered across the U.S. living their own lives), with their estranged father, her son. She hires a private detective to search for them so as to try to get everyone together on Christmas Eve A heart warming story line that most can relate to. Loretta Young brings her strength, intelligence and charm to this role. My regret is that I can't find this film on VHS to add to my collection. I would love to be able to enjoy it over and over and over again.

Christmas Eve (1947)

Eccentric Matilda Reid (Ann Harding) wrestles with a greedy nephew who seeks court action to have her declared incompetent so he can "administer" her wealth. But a caring judge will intervene if Matilda can rally together her three adopted sons on Christmas Eve to help her keep the estate. Unfortunately the sons have gone in wildly different directions: one is a bankrupt playboy, the second is a hard drinking cowboy intent on a flirtatious social worker, and the third is tangled up with a Nazi war criminal. Is there any hope for Matilda?


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I love the Trans Siberian Orchestra!

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I saw that one last week, it was short and sweet, and I love their music.

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