Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Little Lame Prince

The Little Lame Prince by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
aka The Little Lame Prince and his Travelling Cloak


The book cover shown is that of the picture book version, however, there is a straight novel version by the same name.

From Wikipedia
First published in 1875. In the story, a young prince whose legs are paralysed [sic] due to a childhood trauma is given a magical travelling cloak by his fairy godmother; he uses this cloak to go on various adventures, and develops great wisdom and empathy in the process.

Yes OK, sometimes I need a good fairy tale to lighten the mood of all the serious stuff I read. Besides, it was free for Kindle.

A great story to read to your children (get the picture book) or to read on your own. Any age can take something away from this story...empathy being the moral of this story.

An exiled and paralyzed prince is granted a wish and is given a traveling cloak by his fairy godmother. With this cloak he travels outside of his prison walls. During his travels he discovers what he has missed and longs to be like a normal boy. He soon learns his tragic story and has the choice to rule like his predecessor, or forgive and become a great king.

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