Monday, August 17, 2009

Field Trip

This weekend I finally ventured to the Bronx Library Center. It is a newly built major library in The Bronx. It has been there for a few years now, but I haven't gone.

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State of the art design, looks modern inside as well. A patio on the 3rd floor. Wi-Fi, elevators...the works. For those people who are familiar with the Mid-Manhattan branch library, this all is familar to you, but people who haven't been outside the borough, will find this all very fascinating. It is clean, well kept, they actually have books and DVDs people want to borrow. Bronx Libraries rarely have these things. They are mostly situated in very urban areas, and people walk out with the best stuff, leaving things no one wants to read or watch.

Between me and my daughter, we took home 6 DVDs that we wanted to see. I found 3 books on the shelves alone. I usually have to order what I want and wait for it to come from one of the 'better' libraries.

It was worth the short bus ride (even if I still had my car, I probably wouldn't travel down Fordham Road). And although this library is also in a very urban area, one of the most urban in The Bronx, it is guarded and well maintained and was not filled with wild teenagers as most of them are in my neighborhood. I hope it stays this way, our community needs something like this. With Fordham University a few blocks away, it is also nice for those students to have somewhere else to go other than their school Library, and somewhere so classy.

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B.Kienapple said...

Hi there, thanks for the blogroll add! I will do the same. I'm very jealous of this Bronx library - great design