Monday, April 23, 2012

(T) Tenement Museum New York City

This summer I plan to visit some museums I've not visited before.  New York City is filled with many museums.  One of the ones I want to visit this summer is the Tenement Museum.  This is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

There is a Walking Tour:  The Museum's walking tours explore the Lower East Side and the American immigrant experience.  Featured walking tour is currently "Foods of the Lower East Side".

There is a Building Tour:  The Museum tells the story of immigrant families and visitors view restored apartments of past residents from different time periods.  Featured Building Tour is  "Irish Outsiders".

There is interaction:  Visit with a costumed interpreter playing one of the residents of 97 Orchard Street.

Tenement:  A tenement is, in most English-speaking areas, a substandard mult-family dwelling in the urban core, usually old and occupied by the poor.

New York City didn't invent the Tenement, they exist all over the world.

In Buenos Aires the tenements, call conventillos.
In Germany, the term corresponding to tenements is Miet(s)kaserne.

Germany Mietskaserne in 1959


Wall-to-wall books said...

This Museum looks great, I would like to go there!

scott davidson said...

What an interesting blog, introduced by a thought-provoking photo. The unusual wall painting of the dwellings is
also a strangely modern interpretation. Something like this hieroglyphic view of a park by Swiss painter Paul Klee,

The image can be seen at who can supply you with a canvas print of it.