Saturday, April 14, 2012

(M) Metallica

Another one of my favorite bands is Metallica.  I became a Metallica fan early on.  1986 was when I discovered them.  I had a neighbor who was in to heavy metal.  I had not really taken a liking to it prior to then. I was listening to "New Wave" music.  However, I was ready to branch out.  I didn't have a lot of money but I thought I would take a chance and buy their new album "Master of Puppets".  Well that did it...26 years later I'm still a fan.

The year I discovered them was the year Cliff Burton (bassist) died.  He was killed in a tour bus accident.  I was very saddened by this event and thought no one could take his place.  The band recruited Jason Newsted who proved to be a perfect match for the band.

I purchased all of their albums up until Reload (1997), then they kind of lost their touch.  However, I still listen to all of their stuff just to be fair and give it a listen before I decide if I like it or not.

This is a band that I can actually say "we grew up together."  They are slightly older than me, but we were young adults together and now we are middle age together.

Hoping they last for many more years.


Anonymous said...

Metallica is a great metal band!

Johnny Earf said...

Long live Cliff!! Thanks for your story Liz!!