Friday, April 13, 2012

(L) Led Zeppelin

One of my favorite bands. The first time I heard them I was 4 years old.  It was "Stairway to Heaven", it had just came out and they played the whole song on the radio. That was a big deal for the days when songs were no longer than 4 minutes long.

My favorite band member is Jimmy Page. He has always been my favorite since I started liking guys. I've been in love with him for 30 years.  I even have the tattoo of his symbol "ZOSO" on my back.

Led Zeppelin was active from 1968 - 1980 when their drummer John Bonham died.  They've since had reunion and John's son Jason sits in on drums.

Although after the breakup, the guys worked on their own projects and Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had solo fame in the 1980s, they have teamed up from time to time to work on other projects.

I have all their records on vinyl, and they are tucked away safe and sound.

I always had a problem with remakes of my favorite bands song.  "Stairway to Heaven" was remade and it was awful.  However, there is a recent remake of their song "Immigrant Song" that was featured in the American Remake of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" is one I like and one I think they would approve of.  But there is nothing like the original song from the original band.

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Anonymous said...

Stairway to heaven was the first Zeppelin song I heard and I loved it!