Monday, April 16, 2012

(N) New York: A Novel

New York: A Novel by Edward Rutherfurd

The novel chronicles the birth and growth of New York City from the arrival of the first European colonists in the 17th century right up to the summer of 2009.  history progresses through the years, we meet more fictional families: the Irish O'Donnells, the German Kellers, the Italian Carusos, the Jewish Adlers, the Puerto Rican Campos's. Their intertwining stories, which include looks at the family cultural traditions of the various groups and intercultural relations, play out against the historical backdrop of the great city.

I listened to this on audiobook.  The narrator was wonderful. Though it was 37 hours long, it really went by quickly.  I lived in New York all of my life and thought I knew allot of its history, but listening to this book I realized that I didn't know as much as I thought.  Although this is a fictional story, Rutherfurd weaves the important parts of New York (and American) history within these pages.

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