Tuesday, April 3, 2012

(C) Christopher Walken

Ronald Christopher Walken just celebrated his 69th birthday on Friday, March 31st.

One of my favorite actors of all time.  I've seen 95% of his work.  He is a phenomenal and versatile actor, whose body of work spans from humorous to the creepy.  This man can play anything and everything, and he has.

I made a conscience effort to watch all of his movies.  Here are some recommendations:

The Happiness Cage (The Mind Snatchers) - 1972
Deer Hunter - 1977
Pennies From Heaven - 1981
Who Am I This Time? - 1982
Brainstorm - 1983
The Dead Zone - 1983
At Close Range - 1986
King of New York - 1990
The Prophecy - 1995
What to Do in Denver When You're Dead - 1995
The Funeral - 1996
Suicide Kings - 1997
$5 a Day - 2008
The Maiden Heist - 2009

Although I love him as an actor, there were a few misses:

The Addiction - 1995
New Rose Hotel - 1998
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent - 2000
Romance & Cigarettes - 2005
Domino - 2005

If nothing else proves his talent, he was in the worst movie ever made and still had one of the best line ever uttered on screen:

Det. Stanley Jacobellis: Man, you know what I'd love to do, right now? Go down to Marie Callender's, get me a big bowl, pie, some ice cream on it, mmm-hmm good! Put some on your head! Your tongue would slap your brains out trying to get to it! INTERESTED? SURE? 

You're probably scratching your head at that quote.  But it was the delivery that made it golden!

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