Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(W) Wa Wa Wa Emimimo

How cool is it to learn a new song in a language you don't normal speak or hear?

When my Choir Director first handed us this song, we all snickered and said, "What is this?" We made funny sounds using WaWaWaWa, we sounded like a bunch of little babies.

Once we heard the song and started singing it, we realized it was pretty darn cool.

It is a traditional Hymn in Nigerian and it means - Come, O Holy Spirit Come.

This is our Church choir singing this song. However, since I'm in the middle of all of us, it sounds very muddled and bad, I assure you, we sound much better. But you get the idea of how the tune goes.

Wa wa wa Emimimo
Wa wa wa Alagbara,
Wao wao wao. Emimimo.

Come, O Holy Spirit, come.
Holy Spirit, come.
Come, almighty Spirit, come,
Almighty Spirit, come.
Come, come, come. O Spirit, come.



Wall-to-wall books said...

Yeah I think it would be pretty cool to learn a song in a different language. I'll have to watch your little clip later.

I think you need to accept me on your nook. It says waiting to be accepted.

busy91 said...

hmmmm...I accepted you last night. I think maybe there is a lag time. Let me know if it doesn't show. It shows on mine.

nutschell said...

i love learning new languages. Being able to sing a different language is pretty cool.:)
Great meeting you through the A-Z!