Saturday, April 16, 2011

(N) New York City Guitar School

I notice when I run out of ideas for the alphabet, I can always find something related to my guitar.

For over a year, I've been learning to play guitar (seriously). I searched for a school that would help. When I was 24, I took classes at a nearby music store, it was one on one, but I didn't learn too much. There is a music store in my neighborhood, but I already knew that I wouldn't be happy. Then I found it.

New York City Guitar School

Each class (for adults) is 10 weeks. The first 5 classes are as follows:

Beginning Classes:

Guitar I: Guitar for Absolute Beginners
Guitar II: Guitar for Near Beginners
Guitar III: Guitar for Intermediate Beginners
Guitar IV: Giant Review of Chords, Strums and Fundamentals
Guitar V: Guitar for Advanced Beginners

I'm currently on Guitar V. These of course, are for people who have never played. If you have experience, you don't have to start at Guitar I. They will assess you and put you where you need to be. Once you finish the Beginning classes, you can move on to the electives.

Some of which are:

Blues Guitar Basics
Songwriters Circle
Music Theory for Guitarists
Play The Rolling Stones
Nineties Rock for Guitarists
Metal Guitar Basics
Play The Beatles

They also offer Rock Band classes for those who want to play in a group.

The staff is really nice, and the teachers are amazing. My teacher is Vince DeMasi who is the best teacher ever, I've had him for all 5 classes. You don't have to keep the teacher you start with, but why mess with perfection. Another one of the most beloved teachers is Jon Diaz who will make you laugh while you learn to play.

This school is not just for children. They have a kids/teen class which my daughter attended for over a year. With the kids, you pay monthly, so they can stop at any time for any reason and you are not out a chunk of money. Therefore, their levels are different. Unlike the 10 week sessions for the adults, the kids go week to week until they master what they need for their level. They are then tested and move up.

There are many open-mics and concerts for both children and adults that take place at certain venues in NYC.

I can honestly write about this school all day and not get tired of it.  The founder of the school is Dan Emery, he is a really awesome dude.

I'm a happy customer.

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