Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(P) Period Pieces (Costume Dramas)

I love Period Pieces, also known as Costume Dramas. These are movies that take place in the past. My favorite Period Pieces era(s) would be anywhere from the 1400 to the early 1900s. Although I do like a good World War II drama. But I enjoy the older history more, and especially if they take place in the UK. I don't have a preference in subject, it could be about royalty or farm people in Ireland. I've watched movies about Aristocrats and I've watched movies about Nanny's. I enjoy the stories of course, but sometimes the costumes are something else.

To clarify a Period Piece is always a Costume Drama, but a Costume Drama is not always a Period Piece. For example: Harry Potter is a Costume Drama, but since it takes place in present day England it will not be (or ever will be) a Period Piece. However, most people bring to mind Period Pieces when they hear the term Cosume Drama. And being the list freak I am, here are some that I've watched and enjoyed. These are movies as well as TV shows and mini-series.

The Borgias (Showtime series) - 1450s
The Tudors (Showtime series) - 1500s
Clarissa (Mini series) - 1732
Aristocrats (Mini series) - 1742-1798
Wuthering Heights (Movie) - 1771
Poldark (TV Series) - 1783
Sense and Sensibility (movie) 1795
Pride & Prejudice (Mini series and movie) - 1797, 1811, or 1835 (depending on which one you watch)
Little Dorrit (Mini Series) - 1805
Emma (Mini Series and movie) - 1815
Jane Eyre (Mini Series and movie) - 1829
Cranford (Mini Series) 1841
North and South (Mini Series) - 1851
The Barchester Chronicles (Mini Series) - 1855
He Knew She Was Right(Mini Series) - 1860s
The Way We Live Now(Mini Series) - 1870s
Return of the Native (Movie) - 1870s
The Buccaneers (Mini Series) - 1873
The Forsyte Saga (Mini Series) - 1874
Lark Rise to Candleford (BBC series) - 1890s
Berkeley Square (Mini Series) 1902
Downton Abbey (Mini series) - 1912
Lillies (Mini Series) - 1920

Others not listed are movies like Ben-Hur, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Quo Vadis?, The Robe...etc. You get the idea.

This list goes on and on, these are just some of my favorites. If you want a full list (up until the timeline of 1937) please check Period Dramas dot com

And to be honest, I love the clothes and the manners, but especially the clothes. Oh yeah, the story is usually pretty good too.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

I love "Period Pieces" too but I prefer American drama - Gone With the Wind, The Thorn Birds, Dances with Wolves, Etc.