Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain - Book Review

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain
Uncover the Hidden Potential in Life's Most Common Struggles
by Paul Meier M.D. and David Livingstone Henderson M.D.

The title of the introduction chapter is entitled: The Light Beyond Our Seven Universal Struggles. Each subsequent chapter deals with the struggles that all human beings experience such as loneliness, failure and loss. Each chapter shares biblical truths that are designed to help us see the light in the darkness of our despair.

Psychiatrists Paul Meier and David Henderson share stories of people who have experienced struggles that are relatable to anyone. They illustrate, with various biblical versus and truths how our suffering is not necessarily a bad thing or that it is meant to punish us for our sins.

The idea of this book is not a new one. I have read many books over the years that break down life and build it back up again using bible quotes and truths. What I liked about reading this book is that it was relevant to the time we are living in. References to recent tragedies allowed their message to be attainable by using our knowledge of these events. I did find this to be a pleasant read, it was not overly simplified but it wasn’t so biblically dense that the average person would not get the message.

Although I think anyone could take something away from this book, I would recommend this particular book to people who are experiencing struggles that they do not know how to handle. Sometimes we don’t know where to turn, especially when suffering is something we are not familiar with. People tell us to turn to the Bible, but they don’t tell us exactly where to look and why. This book helps lift that extra burden during a time when we can’t handle anymore pain.

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