Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goals for 2015 / Looking Back 2014

I don't use the term resolution, I prefer Goal!!

BLOG:  Blog more.  Book reviews. Movie Reviews. Interesting Photos, you name it. I'm going to try to blog at least once a week. I'm not going to use school as an excuse.

READ:  The goal is 65 or more.  1/3 of them TBR books.  More larger books (500+) pages.

MONEY:  Start seriously saving for my retirement.  I have pensions and IRA's, but I want to save even more on my own.

SCHOOL:  Keep my GPA over 4.0, and earn another honors award.  I plan to get my degree by January 2016, so this is my last school year. I won't walk until May 2016, but that's just a bonus.

LIFE:  Work harder on my writing.  I have to get my sample ready for my MFA sample.

MONEY:  Put extra money to the side for graduate school.

HEALTH:  Get back to eating healthy and living a more healthy lifestyle.  Try to get down to the high end of my normal weight range.

Looking back on 2014, A lot of great things happened to me and my family.

HEALTH:  I lost 20 lbs. by changing my dietary habits, and managed to keep it off during the holidays.  Because of this, I received a thumbs up from the doctor as my metabolic syndrome disappeared.

SCHOOL:  I received an honors award for having a high GPA.  I've maintained my status as a straight A student.

FAMILY:  I took 2 mini vacations. One of them was to see my former sister-in-law get married.

FAMILY:  I got back in touch with my favorite Aunt and have visited her on occasion.  We have been plugging away (with our cousins) on our Genealogy and have uncovered a lot of interesting information.

LIFE:  I finally got to see my two favorite Metaphysical guru's in person (Wayne Dyer & Doreen Virtue) live.  And learned it was Doreen's last live appearance on the East Coast.  And I discovered a few more Life Altering gurus.

HEALTH:  I discovered that my constant foot pain was due to my diet and the inflammatory foods I had been eating.  Once I stopped eating them, my foot pain decreased and I was able to avoid surgery and walk more.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

Sounds like you had a great year!
Cheers - here's to 2015!