Friday, January 2, 2015

Ode to a Lamp

This is my new lamp, it replaced a bankers lamp that had been sitting by my bedside for years.  I didn't buy the bankers lamp, I got it from a job I had.  15 years ago, we moved offices and they were going to throw these bankers lamps away, so I took one home.  It served me well, but after 15 years, it started to show signs of shorting and sparking.  So instead of trying my luck, I bought a new one.

Isn't it glorious.  The light is phenomenal and on either side of the lamp is my chair (left) and my bed (right).  Both my most used reading spots in the house.  Now when I read paper books, I'll be able to read them with ease.

To many it is just a lamp, to me it is something that enhances my favorite thing...reading.