Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Book #6 / 25 Days of Christmas #11, #12

 Christmas Book # 6
'Tis the Season (Main Street #3) - Christmas is coming to Camden Falls, and Flora and Ruby don't know how to feel about it; it's their first Christmas without their parents, and the memories are both happy and sad. Luckily, Flora and Ruby are surrounded by people who care about them -- from their grandmother Min to their friends Olivia and Nikki, who are dealing with challenges of their own. There's also an unexpected visitor: Flora and Ruby's aunt, whose presence promises to shake things up. It's going to be a Christmas that nobody ever forgets....                                                      I tend to read a lot of Children's Books at Christmas time, I think they are cute.  I have never read another book from this series, but I thought this one was pretty nice.  Not a tear jerker, which I like because I often cry reading Christmas books.   3 / 5 Stars.

Brooks Bears (In the widow of Brooks Brothers)

One Tin Soldier

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