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My summer schedule

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In recent summers, my kids, my mother and I go on ‘outings’. Our usual day to do this is on Saturday. Last year, we didn’t do too much of that because I had guitar glass at 4PM. Now that my class is Monday nights, I have my Saturday’s free. My mother is uncomfortable going outside her comfort zone. She likes what she knows, Central Park, The New York Botanical Gardens, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the like.

When I was younger, my father took us all over. He was an artist so he liked museums. We went to them all; I was dragged to the Museum of Natural History more times than I care to remember. I like museums too, but haven’t been to as many as I like. This year I would like to visit some museums that I have never been to. This took a bit of research, but there are several museums in New York City to choose from.

And as far as outdoor events / parks, I’ve found some different places we can go to. I will practically have to drag my mother, as she is afraid of trying something new, no matter how simple it is. She thought we should go to Prospect Park (Brooklyn) one day instead of Central Park (Manhattan). I thought this was a good idea, but she felt that for our first summer outing, we should go to where we know. I don’t get the logic in this. Especially since Prospect Park is not hard to get to nor find. She was worried that we might not enjoy it as much as Central Park. A park is a park. Prospect Park is smaller, but it is on par with Central Park. What is to enjoy (or not to enjoy)? It is a big open park with grass, trees, water and lots of people.

So I’ve decided to take this matter into my own hands. I’m planning my summer, and she is welcome to come (the kids too). If no one wants to accompany me, I’m going solo.

This weekend we are going to Governor’s Island. I didn’t give my mother an option in this, I told her we are going and that’s that. Governor’s Island used to be a Military Island but has now been converted to a Park and outdoor visual experience. There is lots to see and do there.

The rest of my summer is stacking up like this:
7/9 – Valentine-Varian House/Museum of Bronx History
I’ve lived in the Bronx all of my life, and have never been here. It really is a tiny place from what I can tell, but why not. It is only a short train ride away, I can kill 2 hours or so on a Saturday, and I’m sure I’ll end up going alone.

7/16 – I plan to take my weaving workshop (again alone)
7/17 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art with my daughter.
She’s wanted to go back for a year now, so we’ll go while my mother is out of town.

7/23 – Queens Center Mall
Now I know what you’re thinking…A mall? Really? Apparently this is a famous mall, has lots of STUFF. And plus, Clarissa loves shopping!! This will be a mommy/daughter thing. No son.

7/30 – Prospect Park
This will be with my mother. She’ll go, she won’t have a choice.

8/6 – Coney Island
We went last year, but we went on re-opening weekend which was a mistake. It was 95 degrees and a can of sardines had more room. This is a long long long train ride. 2+ hours one way. I want to do this before my son leaves on 8/14.

8/20 – I have never been to the Transit Museum. I really am in to New York City history and I think I will enjoy this. I am not sure if Clarissa will, but I’ll drag her along anyway. We will see if mom comes.

8/27 – A Museum Day for me. I am not sure what museum(s) I want to visit. If I museum hop, I will have to go alone. I may be able to afford to pay for my daughter, depending on which ones I go to. I was thinking of going to the Tenement Museum, but that requires being in a tenement, which can tend to be crowded, hot and uncomfortable. It has lots of stairs as well. If I decide on that one, I’m going alone. If I decide on The Museum of the History of New York (which I’ve been to before) or the Museum of Design, I might take her. I plan to visit them both in the same day as they are not a far walk form each other. Although I know I can spend all day in the History of New York Museum.

9/3 – I have nothing yet planned for Labor Day weekend. Maybe by this time, I will want to recuperate. There are 11 weeks left to this summer. And only the weekend starting 8/13 (son leaves for school) and Labor Day weekend have no plans. I’m sure some people think this is anal, but the truth is, if I don’t plan, I don’t go. I get lazy, I don’t know the cost or the route and I get overwhelmed.

Since Memorial Day weekend, I’ve done only 3 outings with the family, one of which was new and which was my suggestion.

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Anne said...

That sounds like an awesome summer. I also enjoy planning what _I_ want to do, and if no one wants to go with me...fine! I go by myself.