Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Checking in

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I have not posted in a few, only because there is really not much going on in my world. I’m reading some books and watching some movies. However, nothing really stellar has passed my way, so there is nothing to post. I am currently reading “Big Machine” by Victor LaValle. This book was on Oprah’s Summer Reading List. I am reading it from my Nook. It is OK, not sure if I’m liking it yet, but it isn’t awful. I usually have my next book lined up when I finish, but nothing is jumping out at me. However, I have so many books on my Nook and Kindle to get through, I’m sure I’ll find something. I’m thinking to slow it down some and do the War and Peace or the Crime and Punishment thing…there is some light reading for you! But I’ll probably end up reading some fluff, haven’t read good fluff in a while.

Clarissa and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday. We haven’t been in about 2 years. She wanted to see the Roman/Greek exhibit. I wanted to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit (Savage Beauty). That one will only be there for a few months. We waited on line for about 90 minutes. And we were not able to take photos of the exhibit. Let me tell you, some of his stuff is beautiful, but some of it is really wacky. I know designers at that level don’t design for the average person, but WOW, he mind was really working on a different plain. I liked about 85% of the work displayed. Some left a lot to be desired.

Transformers was exciting. Typical and predictable, corny in some spots, but what I expected.
Bad Teacher was funny. I love Justin Timberlake as a comedic actor.
True Grit was OK. Saw this on DVD. I never saw the original, I could have missed.

Harry Potter will be out this week. I probably won’t see it because my son will not be home this weekend. We have seen every Harry Potter together since the first one. We’ve read the books, so I cannot go and see this without him. I’ll jus wait another week. We also will probably see this in 2D as 3D hurts his eyes. I can’t wait to see how they treat the ending. I hope it is not a disappointment.

True Blood is so interesting this season. I didn’t think they could add any more twists but they managed to add that and more.

America’s Got Talent is finally kicking off its show. The auditions ended and they narrowed it down. I can predict who will not hang around, but not too sure as to who will win yet. There is a lot of good talent this season.

Project Runway Season 9 is starting on June 28th. Who knew that show would last as long as it did. Lots of drama in that show, and of course, the mind of the designer is always an interesting topic.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Do you want to surprise your son when he comes home? Send him a Hogwarts Acceptance letter from http://hogwarts-letter.com! Try it. Trust me, he is gonna LOVE it.

busy91 said...

HAHA! Hazy. He's almost 20, somehow I think he'll kill me in my sleep.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hey girl, been missing you around here! Sounds like all is well up your way. I've seen some movies you might want to check out. Insidious is out on DVD now. I saw it at the bargain theater. It is scary as hell! Also, Thor was really excellent. I was surprised that I loved it so much. That guy who plays Thor...what a hottie! True Blood? What can I say...loving it! I've been watching the episodes more than once. Also, have been watching the last several episodes of Game of Thrones with my husband since he missed them. Love it and loved the book so much! Can't wait for Project Runway. I didn't get to see it last season. =O(

Hope you keep having a super excellent summer! Are you going to do my read-a-thon the last week in July?

busy91 said...

Thanks Michelle. I saw Insidious in the theater and it was the scariest movie I've seen in a long time. I also saw Thor in the theater, that guy is so hot!

I'll check out the readathon!