Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walken on Sunshine

The Prophecy - I saw this one years ago, but it was on TV so I watched it. It was good to recall what happened, so the 2nd movie would make sense. Gabriel is my favorite of the Arch-Angles and to have Walken play (her - Gabriel is a female), made me smile, even if he was evil.

The Prophecy 2

- Usually the sequel sucks, but this one was actually better than the first. A lot of stars were in this one. Jennifer Beals, Eric Roberts & Russel Wong. Gabriel was even nastier in this one.

The Prophecy 3: The Ascent - This one sucked. The actors were just awful, even worst than the actors in the first one. Walken was good, the little he was in it. He lost his dark evilness and adopted a long haired hippy look. He was on his way to redemption.

Excess Baggage

- A young woman fakes her kidnapping only to find herself actually kidnapped. It was a cute movie. Alicia Silverstone stars. Walken plays her uncle Ray, a smooth 'mob like' character.

Pennies from Heaven

- Walken was in this movie for about 5 minutes as a tap dancing pimp. Wonderful! The movie itself was cute. Steve Martin stars in this remake of a British series.

Sarah Plain and Tall: Skylark

- The 2nd installment of the Sarah Plain and Tall trilogy. It was fine, sad in parts.

Vendetta - Xenophobia rules in New Orleans in 1890. Everyone fears the Italians and a new organization they call the maFia (not the Mafia...maFia - emphasis on the Fia). Based on the largest lynching in American history. Disturbing and sad. Walken plays a real jerk in this one.

The Rundown - Walken and Dwayne Johnson in one movie. Have I died and gone to heaven? Action film, funny in parts. You will not be bored watching this.

Fade to Black

- After Orson Wells divorces Rita Hayworth, he goes to Italy to film a movie. There he becomes involved in a plot of murder and Communism. Walken plays Wells' friend who may or may not be on the up and up.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Yes, it is that time again!
You should start a 24 hr. movie-a-thon! I would do it!

I love love love the Sarah Plain and Tall movies!!!!!

busy91 said...

LOL! OMG! I don't think I could watch movies 24 hrs. But that would be interesting.