Monday, March 21, 2011

10 things about books and you

Weekly Geeks

The idea is simple. Tell us ten things about you with regard to books and reading. Let your imagination run wild!

For instance: New or old? Hard back or soft? One or lots at a time? Bookmarks or not? What genres? What authors? Favorites? Habits? Stuff you like. Stuff that bugs you.

I think you get the idea. You don't necessarily need to use my thoughts above of course. Those are just to get you started. And when you are done, we should be able to get a nice big picture of your reading/bookish personality.

Have fun with this! Be creative! Then be sure to visit around to other participants to see how you compare to everyone else's bookish personalities.

Mark, get set, GO!

1. New or old? - I usually read new books, even the classics I have are new re-prints. However, I am not opposed to reading an older book. I have quite a few with ripped spines and yellow pages. Library sales are the greatest place for getting older books. But it is uneven.

2. One or lots at a time? - I'm a manic reader. Most of the time it is more than one.
They are usually different. Most of the time I read one fiction and one non-fiction

3. Classics or Contemporary? Both. I go into my phases. Sometimes all I want to read are classics, others more modern stuff. If I read through my spread sheet I'm pretty sure that I am an even split between those two.

4. What genres? - I read a lot of genres. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction and in those genres I would read about health, metaphysics, nutrition, memoirs.... and as far as fiction, I read everything but Westerns (unless it is Stephen King), and Urban. I am reading my first Erotica book right now. It is an interesting genre. Of course I'm reading it from a writer stand point, so it is purley research!! :D

5. How many? - It has slowed. I was doing 1 a week at one point, but now it is more like 2 books every 15 days or so.

6. Books or e-reader? - Both! I can't afford to buy all the books I want, so I often borrow from the library. Some books I want in hard copy because I want my kids to read it or I want to own it.

7. Women or Men? I keep a spreadsheet, so looking back I tend to read more male authors, although a lot of them are repeat authors. I don't do it consciously, it is just the way the cards fell.

8. Just how often during the day do you read? - Not as much as I'd like. When I'm going to work or taking the subway/bus somewhere, I read on those. When I'm home, I usually don't read much. Before bed I do, if I'm doing my laundry I do. When I'm home I tend to watch a lot of movies, write, or practice my guitar. Being home tends to lessen my reading.

9. Research or blind? Most of the time, I research the books I want to read. I'm not talking indepth research, just maybe reading some reviews will help me make up my mind.

10. Do you use the Library? - Again, not as much as I used to. When I was working full time, I was in the library 2 or 3 times a week, the people know my name and library card number. They'd just go pull them off of the shelf before I got to the counter. But I still do use it.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Great answers Liz!
Only purely for research, huh???? Sure, LOL.

Suey said...

I don't use the library as much as I used to either. I want too, but I've bought too many books lately that are literally screaming at me to read them!