Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Walken...MORE Walken, I need MORE WALKEN

Eight out of the ten movies I've watched so far this month have had Christopher Walken in them, Yeah, I got it bad. LOL! It is only March 8th.

The Affair of the Necklace (2001)
When she and her family have their royal titles stripped by the crown, 18th-century French countess Jeanne de la Motte Valois schemes with her lover, her husband and a mysterious Italian count to obtain a diamond necklace worth millions.

Walken is the mysterious Italian count. He was decked out in eccentric clothes and even a more eccentric accent. His role in this movie was minor. Also starring Hilary Swank and Adrien Brody.

New Rose Hotel (1998)
Two old-school crooks, Fox and X, try to engineer the score of their lives -- a con worth $100 million. The assignment? To train a beautiful young girl to seduce and induce a radical Japanese geneticist to spill his scientific secrets.

I only watched this because Walken was in it. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen. It also starred Willem DaFoe, and you would think with these two excellent actors, this movie would be stellar, but it just wasn't.

Suicide Kings

Last Embrace (1979)
After helplessly witnessing his wife's cold-blooded murder, emotionally devastated government intelligence officer Harry attempts to piece his life back together while suspecting that his own agency may be trying to kill him.

Walken was in this for about a minute, but he was young. Starring Roy Schneider, it was a decent movie. It looks like it was made for TV.

Last Man Standing

Brainstorm (1983)
Mike Brace is a technological genius who's created a device that can record and play back human thought. But the military catches wind and emerges as an unwanted 'silent partner' in his project. Soon, Mike and his wife are thrust into a breathless, non-stop race to prevent the machine from falling into the wrong hands and becoming the ultimate government weapon in this touching, thought-provoking thriller.

Walken and Natalie Wood (her last role) star in this Sci-Fi drama from the 80s. If you don't like 80s Sci-Fi, you aren't going to like this. I thought the main stars did a good acting job, the other actors, not so much.

Lots of young tasty Walken to behold.

Mouse Hunt (1997)
Two down-on-their-luck brothers inherit a run-down mansion that turns out to be worth millions. They can sell it and pocket a fortune, but first they have to evict its diminutive tenant: a mouse with no intention of leaving.

Caught this on TV. Walken has a cameo in this as a crazy exterminator.

The month is not over and I have several more Christopher Walken movies to watch. I do think I'll be done with much of his stuff by the end of this month.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

LOL you are so funny, I seriously didn't know he had so many movies.