Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dancing Pimp

Why am I obssessed with Mr. Walken? Who wouldn't love a man like this?

This clip is from the 1981 movie "Pennies From Heaven" staring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. What you see here is Walken's entire part. But it is well worth the watch, the movie is pretty cute. It is based on an English TV program with the same name and same story line. I haven't seen the English version (staring Bob Hoskins) but this version is totally lip synced. If you like 1930 music and musicals you'll love this movie.

I did get to see the FATBOY SLIM video, but I am unable to embed it here. What a gem.

Walken will be 68 in a few days, I doubt he can move like this anymore, I'm glad we have some footage to look back on. Thank goodness for YOUTUBE.

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