Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reviews (Books and Movies)

Macrobiotics for Dummies by Verne Verona

I love Dummies and Idiot books. Especially when I know very little about a subject. For those who don't know, Macrobiotics is a lifestyle, some people think it is just a way of eating, but this book goes into depth on how it is more than eating. It is how to keep your home, how to live your life and just basically the holistic approach to the Macrobiotic lifestyle. I found it very interesting. I have started eating Macrobiotic 80% of the time, the lifestyle change is a little harder, but I'm trying. It is a great book to start off with. Not a book for those who have already the basics down.

The Shunning (Heritage of Lancaster County #1) by Bevery Lewis

Downloaded this a while back, it was a freebie. Learned it was coming on TV in the spring, so I wanted to at least read the first part. Set in Amish Country, young Katie Lapp is about to be married to the local Bishop, however, things aren't what they seem. Katie finds out things about herself, and it changes the course of her life. The end of the book had an interesting cliff hanger, which caused me to purchase the 2nd part, and of course then I'll have to purchase the 3rd part.

I've been watching a lot of Christopher Walken movies. I'm a big fan, but he has so many movies, I cannot keep up. So I decided to just buckle down and watch some. Here are his movies that I watched in February. I'm still working on more for March.

Who Am I This Time? (1982)
In this hour-long film by Jonathan Demme, Walken plays a very very shy hardware store clerk who signs on with a local drama troupe in order to overcome his shyness. Susan Sarandon co-stars as his love interest. Most people are not familiar with anything Walken has done before the age of 45, but in this early movie he shines, he's different than what we know him to be. He is downright brilliant. This is my new favorite movie that he stars in. He was about 38 in this, but he still has his boyish face. 5 stars.

The Sentinel (1977)
Starring an even younger Walken. Here he doesn't say much, maybe a total of 10 words in the whole movie, but who cares...he is yummy in this one, eye candy deluxe. Oh yeah, it is a horror movie about a young unmarried model who moves into a posh Brooklyn apartment building and experiences some interesting paranormal phenomena.

The Funeral (1996)
Now this is the Walken we all know and love. Here he is who we know him to be. Also starring Chris Penn, Isabella Rossellini and Anabella Sciorra. At the funeral of their brother, the two living brothers deal with past hurts and present dangers as they look for their brothers killer.

The Maiden Heist (2009)
What a delightful film. Starring Walken, Morgan Freeman and William H. Macy. A fantastic comedy that deals with 3 security guards who have fallen in love with several pieces in the museum they work in. When the news that the pieces will be moved to a Denmark museum, these 3 devise a plan to save their beloved pieces. Who thought of putting these 3 men together in a comedy? I don't know, but great job. The chemistry was amazing. 4.5 stars.

Nick of Time (1999)
Also starring Johnny Depp, Walken is a crooked law enforcement officer who wrangles Depp into doing a criminal activity that would cause political upheaval.

Homeboy (1988)
Also starring Mickey Rourke. Mickey is an over the hill boxer named Johnny Walker who gets involved with a con artist named Wesley, played admirably by Walken. Wesley befriends Johnny but has ulterior motives. He wants Johnny to help him with a jewelry heist. While this friendship develops, Johnny falls in love with an owner of a local carnival.

Around the Bend (2004)
Also starring Michael Caine. Four generation of men come together to help heal the past. Walken plays Grandpa Turner (Caine is great grandpa Henry). After Henry dies the remaining 3 embark on a road trip that answers a lot of questions and bring forgiveness. I cried at the end of this one. 4 stars.

$5 a Day (2008)
The conservative son of a thrifty conman begrudgingly joins his father on the road --after being released from jail for one of his dad's earlier crimes. Strangely similar to "Around the Bend" in the fact that there is a father/son forgiveness thing happening and a road trip as well as the ending which is scarily similar. But I did enjoy this one. Walken acts more like himself in this one. He's even from Queens in the movie (art imitates life). 4 stars.

And just because he is beautiful (I think he still is):


Wall-to-wall books said...

I read that whole series by Bev. Lewis, loved it!

I love Christopher Walken! The Deer Hunter!!! One of my all timed favorite movies. and the Dead Zone.
Have you seen him in either of those?

busy91 said...

I saw both of those movies, and a whole lot more. LOL! Love that sexy man. :)