Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Walken Again!

Sarah Plain and Tall (1991)

I taped this during Thanksgiving 2010. I never got to watch it. During my search for Walken movies, I discovered that he was in this one. That man has got to be in every movie ever made. So of course I watched it. He starred with Glenn Close. It was pretty much what I expected for a TV movie, the acting was fine, just kind of sappy. During the commercials I learned that this is actually a trilogy. I thought I got all the movies, because I also taped "Sarah Plain and Tall: Winter's End", but it turns out that is the third part. I was bummed to learn I neglected to tape "Skylark" or "Sarah Plain and Tall: Skylark". My library didn't have it, Netflix didn't have it, so I thought I was out of luck until next Thanksgiving. But of course, I have the luck of the Irish. "Skylark" will be on March 23rd. So I'm holding off on watching "Winter's End" until I see it. It will make more sense that way.

Man on Fire (2004)

Don't you hate it when you know you've seen a movie, but cannot remember anything about it. I know I saw this because I watch every movie Denzel is in. I couldn't remember Walken or Rourke being in this film for anything. So I watched it again. It slowly came back to me, but most of it, I do not remember. I won't be forgetting now. It was OK, very violent, I'm not too much into violence on screen, but I forced myself to watch it because...well...Walken.

The King of New York (1990)

So one year Walken is playing this tough NY drug lord and the next he is a farmer with baggy over-alls on. You gotta love it. I had never seen this movie. I know I said I don't like to watch violence on the screen, but sometimes I will make an exception. Especially when someone as cool as Walken is doing the killing. You couldn't help but to cheer for him, even though he was a ruthless cad.

Gigli (2003)

Remember ths one? The worst movie ever made (I still think Plan 9 From Outter Space is the worst but whatever). It starred J-Lo and Ben Afleck. I didn't think it was all that bad. It wasn't the best film I've ever seen, but it definetly wasn't the worst. Two thugs (one male one female) kidnap an autistic young man for their boss. I thought it was a cute movie. Walken was in it for a hot minute, but what a minute.

"You know what I'd love to do, right now? Go down to Marie Callender's and get me a bowl of pies, some ice cream on it, mmm hmm good. Put some on your head, your tongue would slap your brains out trying to get to it! Interested? SURE?"

This line makes absolutley no sense, but MY GOD, it is brilliant! And with that perfect Walken delivery...loud, obnoxious, absurd, ridiculous, clipped and crazy-eyed.

Yes I did watch other movies this week, one that was pretty good was:

The Next Three Days (2010)

Starring Russel Crowe as a husband who will go to any length to get his wife out of jail. Accused of murder, Lara spends years in jail while her husband, John works to get her out the legal way. Obviously it doesn't work. He resorts to some seedy and questionable methods. Does his plan work? Did she commit murder? Well you have to watch the movie to find out.


Wall-to-wall books said...

I loved Sarah Plain and Tall!!!
And Skylark.
Great movies.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Walken rocks! I've been a fan for years. Did you ever see him in that Fatboy Slim video? You could probably find it on YouTube. It's brilliant! Did you know that he started out as a dancer?

busy91 said...

@ Michelle, I haven't seen the video yet, never thought to look on youtube, I will when I get home. And Yes, I did know he danced, but he was a child actor first, then a dancer, then back to acting. LOL! I just read, he wants to now play santa claus because it has been said that other people (actors) are afraid of him. He wants to play someone 'nice'. LOL! Poor guy.