Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dave Mustaine & Vincent Price

Dave Mustaine
I have just completed “Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir” by Dave Mustaine of the popular Heavy Metal (Thrash Metal) band Megadeth. I listened to this in audio format, not for any particular reason except that I was going through audible.com one day and saw it there. I got excited and purchased it right on the spot. The narrator was great, there were times I forgot it wasn’t Mustaine who was narrating the book, and the other voices he used such as the voice of Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame was spot on. It was done very well.

I have been a fan of Megadeth for 24 years. I followed them closely for about 10 years, and then life got in the way, and I only caught news of them every now and again. This book filled in the gaps.

I knew about Dave’s life with Metallica as well as his life with Megadeth up until 1995, or until about when his arm ‘died’. I knew he lived the Rock n Roll life style of excess, but to hear just how much excess there was shocked me.

It was also interesting to hear about his childhood. I did remember hearing he was a Jehovah’s Witness as a child. I remember this because his former band mate, James Hetfield (Metallica) was a Christian Scientist as a child, and I found it very interesting that both of these men, who had such extreme religious upbringings, were now both into the Heavy Metal scene.

Dave doesn’t sugar coat his ‘asshole’ moments, or does he hid his humility. He admits he was a bone head at times, and that he was a very arrogant and egotistical jerk. He admits to diarrhea of the mouth more often than not. He admits to his weaknesses and eventually realizing that he cannot do it alone and that he really is blessed beyond his imagination. But what a ride!
This book does have some choice words and some graphic imagery. However, it is written by a Christian man (a ‘baby’ Christian). He put his life out there for all to see, how brave is that?
I was hoping this book wouldn’t cause me to lose respect for him, and it didn’t. I am more in awe now than I was when I started. I’ve read memoirs and biographies of Rock Musicians before and have always been left disheartened by the end, not this time.
* * *

Vincent Price
I recently started watching Vincent Price movies. I know he was the Prince of horror movies, but I didn’t realize how many. About two years ago I got to watch “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”. In “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”, the maniacal sawbones uses the biblical plagues visited upon Egypt as a model for revenge against the surgeons he blames for his wife's demise. A silly movie, but entertaining none the less, my daughter enjoyed it.

This weekend I got the opportunity to watch "Dr. Phibes Rises Again", the sequel. This film was so campy I just loved it. In this movie Dr. Phibes attempts to resurrect his wife and will take care of anyone who gets in his way.

You have to really enjoy hearing Vincent Price’s voice, because he does a lot of talking in these movies, although his lips never move.

I also watched “The Raven” another of Price’s movies from that era. This was a quadruple threat as it also starred Peter Lore, Boris Karloff and a very, very young Jack Nicholson. Its full title is “Edgar Alan Poe’s: The Raven”, however, it has nothing to do with the poem. The only Poe thing in this movie is a short recitation at the beginning and the last line of the movie is one of the more famous lines in the poem, “Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore. Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."

This was definitely a tongue and cheek effort. Very entertaining and campy. Dr. Craven is a non practicing sorcerer who is asked by a talking raven for his help in changing him back to a human being. Craven hasn’t practiced sorcery in some time; since his wife Lenore died, but he did it one last time to help this man. Once the man is transformed into his human form, Craven discovers he is a fellow sorcerer in need of help. Craven agrees to help him and the story takes off from there.


itsJUSTme said...

It is just soo funny! You totally do not look like a Heavy Metal head banger!

My personal favs - Def Leppard, Poison, & Whitesnake

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I never knew Mustaine was in Metallica. I was major headbanger in the late 80s/early 90s, although I was in to Metallica and Slayer more than Megadeath. I did see them in concert once at a Monsters of Rock show. My favorite band of all time though is Aerosmith. I have seen them in concert 7 times (once front row) and I have their logo tattooed on my ankle. I was beyond thrilled when I learned that Steven Tyler is one of the new judges on American Idol.

I love Vincent Price! He remains one of my fave actors of all time. A couple of favorites of his movies are The Pit and the Pendulum and House of Wax. I also enjoyed Twice Told Tales, which I watched a couple of weeks ago.

busy91 said...

Wendy, yes I've been a Headbanger since 1982...when I discovered Metallica.

Michelle, I saw all of those Price movies during my first round of watching him about 2 years ago. I'm trying to finish up the lot this October. :)

I have a tattoo too, It is Jimmy Page's symbol (Zoso) it is on my right shoulder (back).

itsJUSTme said...

In response to your comment on my blog -
I think it is just over an hour maybe 1 1/2 hrs from Geneseo to Seneca Falls.
Let me know if you do come, I can meet you! We could do lunch and hang out. I'll show you around.

busy91 said...

Sounds good. Probably won't be until Spring if I am able to drive (have shoulder problems in both shoulders). Thanks for the invite. :)