Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A-Z Wednesday

A-Z Wednesday is hosted by Vicky of Reading at the Beach

This Week's Letter is: D

My choice from my read list is

The Destiny of Miro by Julie Rae Rickard

The story of one man's spiritual search, "The Destiny of Miro" begins when Miro's father, answering what he feels is a request from God, kills his family. Only eight-year-old Miro escapes. As the man dies, he curses his boy, shouting, "you cannot escape your destiny!" Miro turns and runs from his father but is forever haunted by this tragic phrase. Aided by a mysterious "white lady" and an animal guide, Miro's thirty year journey to find his true destiny takes him on a cross country tour of medieval England. Along the way he learns to love all God's creatures; develops his own psychic powers; finds and loses his soul mate; and finally learns only he is responsible for his happiness.

My Thoughts
I don't remember how I got my hands on this book, it sat on my shelf for years. Finally I read it and loved it. It is a historical novel with a Christian message. I usually don't read things about medieval England, that's too far back for me, but this one I really liked. I recommend.


Zia said...

I really like the cover of the book. Great choice.

gautami tripathy said...

Seems like an intense read!

I posted about Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson

Anonymous said...

I love Christian fiction. I'm putting this on my list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing A-Z Wednesday!

Kristen said...

Wow. Sounds like it is at least somewht redeemed from being completely disturbing but is still heavy.

me again said...

Intriguing! Thanks for sharing :-)

Irene said...

On my list. thanks for sharing.