Monday, September 7, 2009

The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Most people know this story, if not have already read it. At the age of 42, I just read it, and this has been in my house for at least 9 years sitting on my son's bookshelf. I wanted to write a witty review on this book, but I am so taken by the book, I can't even find the correct words to do it justice. So many images were going through my head, and as I was reading it I was saying to myself "Wow, that's deep, Wow that's insightful". I didn't read the Analysis until after I came to my own conclusions.

Adults have no time to enjoy life, no one stops and smells the roses. We are vain, self-indulgent and egocentric.

The Little Prince an analysis

There is a short blurb at the end of the story, that really had me thinking a whole new way. I won't retype the whole thing, but I will type some of the lines. And I read through the lines.

It's here that the little prince appeared on Earth, then disappeared.

Wait a little, just under the star! Then if a child comes to'll know who he is. If this should happen, be kind! Don't let me go on being so sad: Send word immediately that he's come back....

I could be reading way too much into it, but I have my own ideas about the blurb.


Anonymous said...

I've read The Little Prince a few times as we also had to read it in highschool and discuss it. Really amazing story.

Bryan R. Terry said...

This is my wife's favorite book. I need to pick it up. It really shouldn't take all that long, really.