Thursday, September 24, 2009

Library Rant #2

I don't know what is up with the library this year, but I have a mega rant today!!

I have been waiting for Night Flight by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to come to the library. Finally they get 2 copies in and one is in storage. So I put my order in, it sits in my queue until someone decides to pull it off of the shelf and send it to my 'pick-up' library.

They put the books on the shelves and it is arranged by the last 4 digits of your library card as well as the first 3 letters of your last name.

It isn't there.

I go ask the library check out person about it, she looks it up on her computer and pulls off of the data shelf two DVDs. Only one of the DVDs were mine. She is arguing with me how the other DVD is mine, and if I don't want it I should just say so.

Excuse me, you friggin nut job, does my record say I ordered this? Despite what the record said she argued me down about it. I ignored her, because obviously she is a dumb-ass. So I asked about my book, she said "Did you look on the shelf?". No you yo-yo...WTF! So she goes back to the shelf and of course, it is not there. "Oh I don't know what happened to it," she said. So she had to re-order it for me, even though I've already waited 2 weeks for it. So now I have to wait for it to pop up somewhere, because after all, there is only one in circulation and that one is MIA, and then hopefully get it again. I probably will never get it from the library.

This isn't the first time my book has disappared from the reserve shelf. It boggles the mind because no one can take out a book that is on hold for someone else, the system won't let them. So where is my book?

I told her that perhaps the person that wanted the DVD I didn't order, got my book, and I got their DVD. Maybe whoever shelved them, made a mistake. Still she was with the, "But this is your movie." I wanted to reach over the desk and smack her.

I know good help is hard to find, but there are so many people out of work, they really should find someone knowledgable. I know more about they library system than she does, and they just instituted the new system. And to top it off, not only is she dumb, but she is a nasty little so and so.

So today didn't start off on a good note. Urgh!


Susan B. Evans said...

The customer is ALWAYS right, people! I hate it when I have a bad library experience - thankfully it doesn't happen often :) What a pain to have to wait and wait and be told something that you KNOW is wrong! You should have asked her to get someone else to help you.

busy91 said...

I would have asked, but this is a small library and there are only 2 people working there & they both were equally daft!