Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricaine Sandy Aftermath - Picture Heavy

This tree fell on the graveyard by my church.  None of the headstones seem to be damaged, but the sidewalk out front and the gate are destroyed.  This is the worst uprooting I've ever seen.

We got a new Applebee's opening up next week, but unfortunately they lost part of their awning.  I am not sure who dragged it out of the street over to the island, but not only were they ripped from the facade, they were mangled beyond recognition.  I'm sure they will have this repaired before they open on the 5th.

Precariously perched traffic lights. The one on the bottom is roped off to cars and pedestrians, however, the one on the top is not.  It seems just as dangerous to me.

The playground is closed.  A branch managed to get caught on the gate and the grounds are a big mess.  Clean up will be needed before the kids can enjoy it again.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the pictures Liz. I am just glad that you and your daughter are ok. I was thinking about you guys. Does she get really freaked out during stuff like this or does she stay pretty cool?
My daughter is 24 and she gets freaked out! The first thing she did was call me "How bad is this really gonna be mom?"

Liz Kelso said...

My daughter was fine. she wanted to go out and I told her NO WAY.