Sunday, September 19, 2010

Clarissa's First Time Cooking Dinner

Clarissa made dinner today. It was Cream of Celery with Cheesy Toast. I only helped a little by cutting the smaller pieces. So here is her adventure.
First she diced the celery and onions in a food processor. Her eyes teared up!
Then she sauteed them in olive oil for 5 minutes.

The diced potatoes were placed into the crock pot along with the sauteed onions and celery and vegetable broth.
A little while later she stirs it.

Time to make the cheesy toast. She used italian bread, butter, garlic and 6 blend Italian cheese. So it was more like cheesy garlic bread.

Serving with the ladle.

Soup's up! Looks good, tastes good.
Clarissa's first meal was a sucsess. The soup reminded me of French Onion soup. We added the cheese to the soup and it was even yummier.
Thanks for cooking dinner Clarissa.

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itsJUSTme said...

Oh my gosh! Your daughter is so adorable! Love the pictures of her cooking, she can come cook for me anytime. The soup sounds so good!