Thursday, May 5, 2011

Proms, Chrochet and a Movie Review

I have to start today with a post that made me smile early in the morning. Go Retro!: Proms: Then and Now. Looking at some of those pictures posted brought back memories. The good ole days!

As you can see, my friends and I were pretty low key. We had our yellow and/or white dresses. Our hair was not so teased. Our make-up was light. This was 1986.

The girls cringe when they see this picture, but I like it, ain't so bad.

* * * *

I am currently working on a granny square afghan.  I haven't worked on anything in a while. I'm using mostly scraps.  I want to make it the queen size so I can spread it over my bed.  It has been years since I made a granny square, I actually had to review how to do it. Pretty sad I know.

* * * *

I am still working through my Christopher Walken movies.  I watched "The Mind Snatchers" also known as "The Happiness Cage".  This movie is based on a play by  Dennis Reardon.  This is a drama about medical experimentation in the U.S. military. The experiment is a brain operation which removes pain, replacing it either with bliss or sensual satisfaction. It is at first attempted on terminal cancer patients, but finally the doctors receive permission to test the procedure on a healthy but thoroughly obnoxious subject played by Walken.

This film was shot in Germany in 1972.  This was Walken's first film.  The film is very dated, and not that well acted by most, however, I have to say that Walken's performance was fantastic.  Not much different at all than the characters he plays now. Same pattern of speech, same facial expressions, same walk.  He hasn't changed in 40 years.

Most places I've seen did not give this film a very high rating, and it isn't the best thing out there.  It is an interesting film, based on scientific experiements from 1954.  It is thought provoking if nothing else.


Sarah Allen said...

Yay for the eighties :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Anne said...

Ha! I am fast but you can do more than one stitch! I am getting a pretty nice pile of scrap yarn together myself.

When you are finished, will you please give me a close up of the stitch you use to put them together? I haven't seen one that I really like yet.