Saturday, May 7, 2011

Audiobook Suggestions and a Rant

I am also looking for a good fiction book in audio format. So when I am crocheting I can listen.  It has to have a good narrator and of course be good.

Books that I have or have read are:  Room, The Help and Game of Thrones, so cross those off of the list, but anything else please feel free to throw out there. I'm open to genre.

* * *

I have no problem with anyone wanting to be whatever religion they choose, I have no problems with Atheists either.  Live and let Live is my motto. I'm not going to drag you to my church, but if you ask a question about my church or religion, I will be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge.  First I had to worry about the JWs proselytizing, knocking on my door on Easter or Christmas morning, almost running me down in the street shoving their magazine in  my face.  For years and years I've had to deal with this.  I finally learned a few 'funny' things to do.

1. I cross myself and mumble 'Ave Maria, Sancta Maria'.
2. When they ask "May I interest you..."  I reply "No you may not..."
3. Start singing some obscure Catholic Hymn (preferably in Latin).

 One thing I want to do but don't have the guts is to pull out some Holy Water and scream "The power of Christ compels you!"

I like Mormons, my ex-father in law is a Mormon.  I actually went to an LDS service once. Wasn't my cup of tea, but they were always very polite.  Lately this hasn't been the case, and I think it has to do with the type of Mormon missionary.  Now, I know that sounds strange, but here is what I've noticed over the years.

The Mormons from Utah are white.  They are always polite. If you tell them that you are not interested or that you already go to XYZ church, they smile and leave you alone.

Now I've noticed (in my neck of the woods) they are no longer always white.  I've come across only 2 non-white young missionaries.  One male and one female.  The male one came to my door with a Utah Mormon.  I politely told them that I was Catholic (I also had a religious sign on my door that was in Spanish). They wanted to leave me the Book of Mormon, I told them that I already have it.  The Latino Mormon put his foot in my door so I couldn't close it.  WTF!  I looked at him like he was out of his mind.

The other day I'm walking in the street and a Latina Mormon smiled at me and asked me if she can talk to me about the church of LDS. I told her "No thanks."  I kept walking, she said "Can I give you a card with some information?"...No lady you cannot. I already said I was not interested.  But I didn't say that, I just said "I'm Catholic."  She still hesitated some like she was going to say more but didn't.

Everyone that walks the street isn't a lost soul.

I notice the only time they don't bother us (either JW or Mormons) is when my daughter is in her school uniform.  One piratically has to wear a giant crucifix around their neck in order to be left alone.


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

LOL...I know what you mean. It is annoying. I used to be Baptist and I left that denomination for two reasons. Number one...they absolutely do not acknowledge evolutionary theory (I do not think it's a theory, but I digress). Number seems if you miss church, they constantly are coming to your house bugging you.

About 9 years ago, I started researching denominations that seem to be able to acknowledge scientific aspects and theories alongside faith. Lutheran was one of them. I had also always admired Martin Luther historically so it really was a no brainer. So my entire family took Lutheran instruction and were baptized in the Lutheran faith. Sadly, I have drawn away from the church again...for reasons that I struggle with often. I'm not sure if I'll ever worship publicly again. There just always seems to be some kind of hypocrisy and judgmental attitudes no matter where you go. I'm just not down with that.

Oops...this turned into a rant of my own! *L*

Audio book suggestions...I recently finished listening to The King's Mistress by Emma Campion. Great book! Also, The Marsh King's Daughter by Elizabeth Chadwick was good. Have you read The Hunger Games? I actually listened to it on audio and it was an easy listen...and exciting. I'm listening to The Hobbit and the narrator has a slightly irritating voice. I hope I can bear it!

Have a great weekend!

Anne said...

I did The Shack in audio, which was decent. Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri was short stories, but I enjoyed it. I loved A Separate Country, by Robert Hicks in audio.

Right now I am listening to Run, by Ann Patchett and like it a lot.

Mostly I find them by wandering the audio book section of the library. Mine keeps a much better selection of fiction than non-fiction, but it isn't so big that it takes forever to decide. I don't look for any narrators in particular, but I do look for the ones that specify "Unabridged".

Wall-to-wall books said...

We have a JW "meeting hall" just down the road so we get them at the door all the time! UGH!
I just tell then I already belong to a church I am happy with and politely shut the door in their face. That usually works.