Friday, August 6, 2010

Led Zeppelin DVDs

July was Led Zeppelin month. Some of you may know that I am a Led Zeppelin fan, and a very big Jimmy Page fan. I can't get enough of that man, I've been in love with him for 39 years, since he ws 28 years old (I was 4). Handsome never dies!

For those who have been under a rock for the past 40 years, Jimmy is the one in the middle, the raven haired beauty.

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same

I actually haven't watched this one in about 20 years, but it is one of my favs. This is the concert filmed July 27-29 1973 at New York City's Madison Square Garden. Intertwined with this concert footage, is the fantasy scenes for each member as well as some candid footage. We also get to see a glimpse of young Scarlet Page, Jimmy's first child.

The Story of the Yardbirds

This DVD goes through the creation of The Yardbirds to the creation of 'The New Yardbirds' aka Led Zeppelin. We get to see some vintage footage of the group featuring Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page (not all in at the same time). To see a young Jimmy Page always makes me smile. I enjoyed hearing the bluesy sounds of the band before they 'sold out'.

Led Zeppelin - Videobiography

A 2-disc DVD showing concert footage from various concerts. There are some cool clips that I've never seen. Some interview clips are weaved in as well. Nothing really new here for fans. A chronological trek through the life of Led Zeppelin. Of course, I watched the whole thing, it is hard not to.

A to Zeppelin - The Story of Led Zeppelin

A pretty shotty put together documentary, however, any chance I get to see the band perform is worth my time. Not too much in the way of interviews with the band, which I enjoy I think more than the live concert footage.

Led Zeppelin - DVD

Another 'official' DVD. This one was produced by Jimmy Page, and is a 2 disc DVD set. It contains live concert footage of the band spanning the years 1969 to 1979. The recording of the DVD includes performances from the Royal Albert Hall (1970), Madison Square Garden (1973), Earls Court (1975) and Knebworth (1979), plus other footage. Bootleg footage from some of the concerts is interspersed with the professionally shot material. This DVD is purely concert footage, no interviews. Lots of long sets, and a great solo by Jimmy Page (White Summer). Also the Special Features are a treat. There is one special feature that shows the band in their early days performing in France. You could see the French are being polite, some are covering their ears. This was real early, maybe 1969, before they became the rock gods they are.

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