Thursday, August 26, 2010


I finally went to Michael's and used my gift certificate I received for my birthday. I decided since I am so broke this year (again), I'm going to make my mother's gift. I think she'll like it.

This is a shadow box. I am going to decorate it for my mom with a picture of her mother and sister. I bought some scrapbook paper, antique looking jewelry and some antique paper decorations. I'm going to paint the box antique white with gold accents and distress it.

Clarissa got a small mirror, she plans to decorate with paint, gems and stuff.

This is a box she will decorate for her grandmother (for Christmas). She will paint it and put some jewels on the outside.

This is a mirror I plan to decorate for me. My goal is to put beads and jewels and stuff all over it. It should take forever as it is a pretty large mirror and I have to find enough stuff. I have maybe enough for only one side. But since it is for me, I can take my time.

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itsJUSTme said...

The Shadow box is gonna be awesome. I do a lot of handmade gifts for Christmas and birthdays.
I love Michaels!!! It is one of my favorite stores!