Friday, April 26, 2013

Lots of Various stuff

Monday I start at my job as a full time employee...woohoo!

* * * * One of my pictures that was taken in 2007 will be in a documentary. It will be a NET Television documentary, Nebraska’s Capitol Masterpiece. It will be about art and architecture of the Nebraska State Capitol. Apparently the sculptor who designed a lot of things for that building also designed the facade of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in New York City. His name was Lee Lawrie. I will have a credit at the end and everything. It is exciting! St. Thomas Church facade * * * * One of my new favorite shows is "King of the Nerds". The first season recently ended. I started watching it because I'm a huge Curtis Armstrong fan. And although I started watching it for Curtis, I continued watching it for Virgil Griffith. He was one that grew on me, slow and sneaky. The show was actually really cool and I will watch season 2. Virgil won't be there, but I'm glad I got to watch him in action. No, I'm not a cougar.

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