Saturday, August 27, 2011

Play by Play Hurricane

Well I'm bored. LOL! Can't go out.  Here is my play by play so far:

August 26th

4:15pm - Left work early because I was anxious about finding food/water in the store

5:15pm - Went to store, plenty of food and water and a whole lotta people

August 27th

8:30am - Did laundry

9:00am - Went back to store to get snacks and water

9:30am - Checked batteries in radio and matches for candles

10:30am - Started closing up windows and watched news.

Now we wait!

My mother ran to Radio Shack to get a portable radio, she said it hardly works, she has to stand by the window, but in the event of an emergency, it will be useful.  She's in evac zone C, which only evacuates during Category 3 storms, and she is on the 4th floor (the say if you are over the 10th floor you should get lower, I live on 12, and have no other bldgs to block the wind).

The shut down the mass transit system, and it will be a bear to get up and running on Monday.  Apparently they are putting the trains in the tunnels to avoid flood damage.  So it will take hours for them to move them back out.  I am hoping the bus is up and running on Monday, so I can get to work.  The buses should be easier to roll out.

Hopefully we won't lose power, water or anything like that.  I'll try to take a picture, but I might not be able to see anything out of my window.

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Wall-to-wall books said...

Well I'm right there with ya babe! In mind and spirit, that is.
You have my prayers to stay safe. I heard it was likely you may loose power.
Keep us posted with the play by play, I'll be reading.