Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas

A Little Piece of Heaven (1991) Color - Straring Kirk Cameron
93 min.
(from Netflix) Living on a farm is too lonely for the orphaned Will Loomis and his mentally disabled sister, Violet, so he develops a plan for the two of them to "make" their own family just in time for Christmas. After kidnapping two abused children, Will tells them that they've died and gone to heaven, a paradise of Will and Violet's own creation.

A Perfect Day (2006) Color - Starring Rob Lowe, Christopher Lloyd
91 min.
First-time writer Robert Harlan finds sudden fame and fortune after penning a novel based on the death of his wife's father. But when his success makes him lose sight of his family and friends, a mysterious stranger arrives with a wake-up call. Based on the best-selling novel by Richard Paul Evans.Just so you know, I will read or watch anything that has been touched by Richard Paul Evans!!!

Angel in the Family (2004)
88 min.
Devoted father Buddy Bishop's sudden illness is the catalyst for a reunion of his estranged daughters, Sarah and Beth, bringing the true meaning of Christmas back to their home and family in Trinity, Calif. Miracles do happen when an apparition of Buddy's deceased wife, Lorraine, appears to the Bishops and delivers a message of hope, changing the family forever.
The Christmas Box (1995) Color - Starring Richard Thomas, Maureen O'Hara100 min.(from IMDB) A ski-shop owner and his wife and daughter move in with an elderly widow who needs help; he suffers recurring dreams.Another Richard Paul Evans gem.

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (2007) Color - Starring Tom Berenger
87 min.
(from Netflix) In this holiday movie based on a beloved children's book, a cranky woodcarver comes to the aid of a widow and her young son when a treasured wooden nativity set given to the boy by his late father is lost. As the craftsman works on replacing the piece, though, his young client grows more and more demanding, and tensions between all three escalate in this drama of love, loss and redemption.

The Nativity Story (2006) Color - Starring Keisha Castle-Hughes
101 min.
(from Netflix) Mary and Joseph make the hard journey to Bethlehem for a blessed event in this retelling of the Nativity story. From director Catherine Hardwicke, this meticulously researched and visually lush adaptation of the biblical tale follows the pair on their arduous path to their arrival in a small village, where they find shelter in a quiet manger and Jesus is born.

Miracle at Sage Creek (2005) Color - Starring David Carradine, Wes Studi
83 min.
Alternate Title: Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek
(from Netflix) Sometimes, the most wondrous miracles occur when you least expect them. A solid cast headlines this heartwarming, redemptive tale of two families that struggle to overcome prejudice and tragedy in 1888 Wyoming. Their efforts seem futile until the special titular Christmas miracle saves the life of a small boy.

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