Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's Grow Up (Christmas Movies)

These are more adult movies, some are fine for kids 8+ (although they'd probably be bored), some are not fine for kids at all. I put a guideline for ages on them, but use your own judgement. The ones that say NOT FOR CHILDREN, really aren't, no ifs, ands or buts.

The Beverly Hillbillies: Christmas at the Clampetts (1962) - Color -
55 min.
(From Netflix) With the imminent Christmas season closing in, the Clampetts long to leave the hills of Beverly for their familiar country home, but greedy banker Mr. Drysdale will do anything to make them stay.

For Ages 8+

Bad Santa (2003) - Color - Billy Bob Thornton
99 min.
(From Netflix) Two criminals disguise themselves as Santa Claus and his elf and travel across the country to major malls, using the good will people have toward Santa to rob the mall stores blind. The plan is going along beautifully until the two reprobates meet an introverted 8-year-old boy who reminds them of the true meaning of Christmas.

Can I just add: HAHAHAHA!
For Ages (mature) 8+

Four Christmases (2008) - Color - Resse Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn
82 min.
(From Netflix) A dating couple who are forced to spend their first Christmas together visiting each of their four divorced parents -- in a single day.

For Ages (mature) 13+

The Perfect Holiday (2007) - Color - Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut
96 min.
(From Netflix) With an eye on her harried single mother, Nancy, young Emily seeks help from a department-store Santa who turns out to be just the thing Nancy wanted for Christmas. But problems arise when her rap star ex-hubby returns to stir up trouble.

For Ages 9+

This Christmas (2007) - Color - Delroy Lindo, Regina King, Mekhi Phifer
119 min.
(From Netflix) Gathering to celebrate Christmas together for the first time in four years, the Whitfield clan uses the opportunity to air their true feelings about one another in this ensemble film that fuses family drama, comedy and holiday cheer. Small arguments over traditions such as trimming the tree erupt into major conflicts that test the family's bonds, making this Christmas the most memorable yet.

For Ages (mature) 13+

Love Actually (2003) - Color - Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant
135 min.
(from Netflix) An ensemble comedy that tells 10 separate (but intertwining) London love stories, leading to a big climax on Christmas Eve. One of the threads follows the brand-new, unmarried Prime Ministerof the United Kingdom, who, on his first day in 10 Downing Street, falls in love with the girl who brings him his tea.

For Age 16+

Nothing Like The Holidays (2008) - Color - Debra Messing, John Leguizamo
99 min.
(From Netflix) A multicultural ensemble comedy that follows a trio of Puerto Rican siblings on their way home to Chicago for a Christmas season family reunion.

For Age 13+

Surviving Christmas (2004) - Color - Ben Affleck
91 min.
(From Netflix) When life's not going exactly the way he wants, Drew decides it's time to go back to his childhood home for Christmas and recapture the magic and idyll of his past. The only problem? His relatives don't live in that house anymore, so reliving his glory days will be much more complicated than he expected. First, he must convince the family who call the place home to humor him.

For Age 16+

La Buche (1999) - Color - FOREIGN
104 min.
(From Netflix) If you liked Home for Holidays, then La Buche should be added to your list of movies to see. In this lightweight French comedy from screenwriter-turned-director Daniele Thompson, three daughters scheme to reunite their parents, who divorced 25 years ago and haven't spoken to each other since. It's a Christmas dinner that will give every person from a dysfunctional family a nod of acknowledgement and many laughs.


Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noel) (2005) - Color - FOREIGN
116 min.
(From Netflix) Inspired by a true story, this heartwarming tale unfolds on Christmas Eve, 1914, in the midst of World War I. As the French, Scottish and German soldiers prepare to open their presents, a momentous event occurs that changes the destinies of four people: an Anglican priest, a French lieutenant, a world-class tenor and his soprano lover.

For Ages 13+

Noel (2004) - Color - Susan Sarandon
102 min.
(From Netflix) Five New Yorkers face Christmas Eve alone in this meditation on what lies at the root of the holiday spirit.

For Ages 9+

The Family Stone (2005) - Color - Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker
106 min.
Although their relationship works in the city, things begin to fall apart for young Manhattanites Everett and Meredith when they visit the 'burbs for the holidays. In fact, Sarah's first meeting with Everett's bohemian parents proves so traumatic that she has to call in her sister for reinforcements -- a move that only makes Christmas more complicated.

For Ages (mature) 14+

The Ice Harvest (2005) - Color - John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton
89 min.
Play Preview At the top of Santa's ""naughty"" list, unethical dim-bulb attorney Charlie Arglist and his shifty associate embezzle $2 million from a local mobster. Not content with the cash, the sleazy lawyer dreams of skipping the icebound town with club owner Renata, but the cops and townsfolk grow increasingly suspicious.

Christmas with the Kranks (2004) - Color - Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis
99 min.
(From Netflix) A break from the frenetic activity that surrounds Christmas is what Luther and Nora Krank have in mind when they decide that, for once, they'll skip the holiday. They'll nix the tree, all the ornaments and their rooftop Frosty, and forgo the chore of hosting their annual Christmas Eve bash. That's the plan, anyway. Question is, can they deal with the fallout from crestfallen neighbors and even their own family?

For Ages (mature) 8+

Deck The Halls (2006) - Color - Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick
93 min.
(From Netflix) All Steve wants to do is live a calm, ordered life in his small New England town. But his new neighbor Danny has big dreams and big plans to match -- especially when it comes to Christmas. Danny creates a holiday light display bright enough to be seen from space, sending Steve through the roof. Will the neighbors be at each other's throats all season long, or will they discover the true meaning of the holidays?

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