Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nunez/Gonzalez Donations

Jaslyn Gonzalez was a friend of my daughter.  She was killed Sunday in an Automobile accident along with her mother, aunt, 2 cousins and grandparents.  That was 7 people all together.  Jaslyn's father and uncle are left with having to bury all seven family members.  There are two simultanious donations going on. The easiest one to donate to is online.

The Jonel Gonzalez Support Fund

Jonel is the brother of Jaslyn. He attends Pace University and his 'brothers' started this fund to help pay for the funeral costs which will exceed $100,000.  Jaslyn's father, Juan Gonzalez's taxi driving 'brothers' have also started a donation

The wakes will be held Thursday at Ortiz Funeral home on Westchester Avenue in the Bronx. The funerals will be held at St. Raymond's Church on Friday at 9:45am.  They've closed the school that day so the children can attend.

Rest in peace to Maria Gonzalez, Maria Nunez, Jacob, Ana, Jaslyn, Naily and Marlyn.

Jaslyn performing at the School spring show last week.

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